Today’s post is my quick reflection on the process we  parents have to go through when our kids are too sick to go to school (that is, if they are not homeschooled.) Households in which both parents report to a place of work have the biggest challenge: Who will take time off to stay home with your child?

My husband and I are self-employed so the logistics are a little easier. But that doesn’t account for getting past the emotions of “oh my goodness, how will I get anything done?” At the same time, you don’t want to push those emotions onto your child; for crying out loud, they don’t feel good!

I think the biggest theme for me when my child gets sick is “let go.” Nothing I can do will change the circumstances, so it’s useless to get wrapped up in any desperate feelings.

The next thing I think is: “prioritize.” What absolutely HAS to be done today? In my line of writing work, usually that list is small (except when I have pushed out work until the last possible minute before the deadline, which, in my quest for a lower-stress life, I try not to do anymore).

Lastly, if I really believe the world is going to come to a screeching halt without my contribution, I ask for help. Can I swing a trade with another parent who either stays home or works from home?   Can I hire a sitter after school hours and get my work done from 4 til 8 p.m.?  I know this depends on what your child has and whether they are contagious. If no one can come in to the house, there is always the “put on a movie” option.

When my daughter gets sick (as she has been for two days), I know it’s her little body’s way of asking for a reprieve to fight off the bad germs or infections. I actually look forward to taking SOME down time to be with her, read aloud to her, or work on a project we never get time for in the daily rush of life.

Mama J is a writer, stepparent, and parent of a girl currently fighting one of the winter viruses.  Check out her Stepparenting the Grieving Child website at

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