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My Inheritance Journey (Read)
From enneagram monthly (October 2012)
Join the author as she narrates her inheritance journey, including how she used genograms and Enneagram connections to make better inheritance decisions. The Enneagram is psychological tool for exploring the self, and enneagram monthly is a periodical dedicated to applications of the Enneagram.

Rides of Passage (Read)
From Matter 10 Village: A Journal of Literature, Art, & Movement (June 2007)
Experience how bicycle touring goes beyond the physical to serve as a form of intimate connection and catharsis for this author.

Silver and Gold (Read)
From “One is Silver, the Other Gold,” Smart Stepfamilies, (May 2006)
Learn how the author turns what at first seems like an impossible stepfamily negotiation into a touching resolution.

The Mirror in the River (Read)
From “The Mirror in the River,” in the anthology Pulse of the River (Johnson Books 2006)
Enjoy a vicarious release of frustration when the author, new to the stepparenting role, turns and returns to the Poudre River to find solace and adventure.