Did you know that every September 16 has officially been designated
National Stepfamily Day by most of the states in the United States? 
Today represents the 11th Annual Stepfamily Day.

The inaugural issue of reMarriage magazine reports that “…one in
three Americans is now part of a stepfamily – that is, a stepparent,
stepchild, or stepsibling….” Whether or not you fall into this group,
take the topic of this post as a reminder that stepfamily formation is
present in our society and worthy of celebration.

I believe that the essence of Stepfamily Day is to enjoy a little time with
your own stepfamily members, thus giving recognition to the good in
being part of a stepfamily.  On the Saturday following National
Stepfamily Day, many cities are home to larger stepfamily events such
as picnics.  Look for possible celebrations in your area this Saturday,
September 20.

National Stepfamily Day founder Christy Borgeld wrote the following
thoughts about the purpose of this day:

  • “Our nation has been blessed by thousands upon thousands of
    loving stepparents and stepchildren who are daily reminders of
    the joy, trials, and triumphs of the stepfamily experience and of
    the boundless love contained in the bond between all types of
    parents and children.” 
  • “Stepfamily Day is a day to celebrate the many invaluable
    contributions stepfamilies have made to enriching the lives and
    life experience of the children and parents of America and to
    strengthening the fabric of American families and society.”
  • “Stepfamily Day will encourage and educate all members of a
    stepfamily [and] honor those who have made a commitment to
    creating new family bonds.”

Whether sharing a meal together, a walk, or a picnic in the park, enjoy
your time as a stepfamily this week.  Being in a stepfamily is
something you can be proud of.

Mama J (Diane Fromme) is a writer, parent, and stepparent located in
Northern Colorado.  For more information on her stepparenting book,
go to

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  1. fattymatty says:

    Congratulations on your blog. Someday when I learn to add links to mine, I’ll link to yours! You might let Jenny Rough know that you have a blog. She’ll link to it for sure.
    Here’s my blog

  2. Wanted to give your readers the National Stepfamily Day website.

    Thanks so much
    Christy Borgeld Founder-National Stepfamily Day-September 16
    EST. 1997

    Facebook- National Stepfamily Day – Supporting the Cause

    National Stepfamily Resource Center
    (NSRC) is a division of Auburn University’s Center for Children, Youth, and Families
    Stepfamily Expert Council

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