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Happy Holidays!

What do you say when your daughter asks you the proverbial
question:  Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Experience tells us there are many advantages to letting your child
come to her own conclusion.  Some kids get extremely upset when
you reveal what you know.  I’ve heard girls later say, “I wish you
hadn’t told me.”

My husband and I discussed this milestone a few nights ago.  We
agreed to re-focus the question (if it should arise this year) to a
discussion of “the magic of Santa.”  We would share with Amy, who
just turned nine, that we still believe in the magic.  We’ll leave it up to
her to decide if a real person can travel the world, chimney to chimney,
in one night.

We also saw the exciting connection to faith lying within this issue.
Think of faith as a firm belief, especially one without logical proof. 
With older girls you are or will be discussing other faith-based
questions.  Do you believe in love?  Do you believe in hope?  Do you
believe in God?  Isn’t believing in the magic of Santa an act of faith?

Your turn:  Is your daughter asking about Santa, and what are you
telling her?

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  1. skh says:

    We are predicting this will not be a question for L so much as a sudden moment of clarity. She will figure it out although getting up during the 11:00 service (she was home with g’parents) and finding Santa halfway through his work wasn’t enough to make her question the reality of it. However, we’ll still talk about it… and the connection to other presumed-real things in life is important. We, as parents, told her about God and Santa and lots of other things, how is she to reevaluate what we have told her once this magic is uncovered?

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