After all that blogging about anger, I thought that bringing in a little bit of a “spring is blossoming” feeling here on the blog might brighten up the mood.  smiley1

I want to share some things I actually like about being a stepparent.  I compose these “nine things” lists (instead of ten things) just to be different, and because I like you to fill in the tenth spot.  Since I’m going to go backwards today, why don’t you name one thing you like about being a stepparent?  Do it now, before you read my list.  Share it with your spouse! 

OK, here we go: 

9.  I’ve been part of a whole separate category on the U.S. Census (p.s. the Census no longer separates out stepfamily data, so I should put the 2000 Census in a time capsule!) 

8. I think it’s cool that my stepkids have three sets of grandparents 

7. I’m part of a family group that gets its own U.S. holiday – National Stepfamily Day is September 16 (for those of you in other countries, do you have a stepfamily holiday?) 

6. I used to take a lot of things personally, but being a stepparent has thickened my skin (handy for life in general) 

5. I don’t feel guilty when I choose to be a pal instead of a parent to my stepkids 

4. Professional counselors advise that I turn over the most difficult parent-child negotiations to my husband/their father (whew!) 

3. Many other women think I’m a saint up for promotion (ha!! But I’ll take it) 

2. Stepparenting has taught me (however begrudgingly) how to give even in the face of adversity 

1. As a stepparent I have a novel perspective on life and parenting that I could not have otherwise obtained or understood

What did I miss that’s great about being a stepparent?

Mama J (Diane Fromme) is a writer, parent, and stepparent located in Northern Colorado. She incorporates her novel perspective on life and parenting in her book, Stepparenting the Grieving Child. For more information, visit



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3 Comments on Nine Things I Like about Being a Stepparent

  1. As a non-stepparent, I don’t feel very qualified to add #10 to your list.
    I will opine that I have heard adoptive parents tell their children that they were chosen. In some ways, you “chose” your step kids when you married Brian.
    Thanks for the positive post.

  2. Morocco says:

    Hmmm, probably the fact that I got to have “bonus” kids without the pain of labor!

  3. Mama J says:

    These are great additions to the post. Since I am a woman, I have to identify with Morocco’s statement! I also feel that being a stepparent has helped me be a better parent — my stepkids helped me become aware of my weaknesses.

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