For those of you who have teens, you are well aware that prom season is upon us. I wanted to introduce you to a website that I appreciate, one that right now has several great blog entries about moms and prom, prom drama (a.k.a. prama), and how to talk to your teens about what could go on at prom. Check out Time to Talk from The Partnership at Drug

Have you ever considered hosting a coed sleepover on prom night? A lively discussion about this topic ensues on Time to Talk’s blog, which is called Decoder.

How do you talk to your teen about alcohol and sex, which are probably most parents’ biggest fears during the prom night scene? Time to Talk offers ideas.

Enjoy this reading…it is so well organized and commented upon that I couldn’t really do the topic any better justice, other than to encourage with your teen a steady flow of communication during the after-party hours, whether by phone or text.

Mama J is a freelance writer based in Northern Colorado. She specializes in articles and essays about family relationships and dynamics.

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