If you are a stepfamily member, you might really appreciate the
opportunity I’ll point you toward today.  One of my colleagues, Jacque
Fletcher, and another stepmother, Erin Erickson, have created The
Stepfamily Letter Project.
  This is a blog where any stepfamily
member can anonymously write a letter to another stepfamily member. 
The letter can be heartfelt, joyful, angry, sad, or any other
combination of emotions you can think of.  The beauty of this site is
that you can express yourself without being identified, if addressing
a family member directly is too vulnerable or risky at this time. 

The link below takes you to the submission guidelines for the project. 
I feel this is the most direct way to learn what the site is all about.


I recommend that you also look at “About the Stepfamily Letter
Project,” which gives you a history of the concept, and then at the
“Comment Guidelines” when you feel motivated to submit.

The site was launched just this month and already you’ll find several
pages of letters to and from stepmothers, stepdaughters, bio moms,
husbands, etc.  As a writer myself, I truly believe in the power of
writing to release the depth of emotions we all have about
stepparenting and living in a stepfamily.   Sample the letters, and pass
on the site to your stepfamily members and to other stepfamilies you

I mentioned to Jacque that I was going through a situation in the fall
about which I would have written a letter.  I don’t need to invest any
more energy in that situation, but I’m sure the urge to contribute will
again spring forth.

Could this opportunity make a difference in your new year?

Mama J (Diane Fromme) is a writer, parent, and stepparent located in
Northern Colorado.  For more information on her book, Stepparenting the
Grieving Child
, go to


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