Life threw me some curves this last year. Yet, I am returning to contribute to my parenting blog because the topic area of family dynamics, in particular raising girls and being a stepparent, is truly one of my passions. You’ll see the new parenting and stepparenting posts weekly most Wednesdays (except when I post Wednesday night, in which case it dates on Thursday!) (or, when I randomly post on a Friday 🙂

When I started this blog in fall of 2008, I launched it with vigor and was able to make the time to blog three times per week. At the beginning of 2009, I had to field a financial curve ball, and decided to re-direct my blogging energy to billable projects. I now write articles for Rocky Mountain Parent magazine here in Northern Colorado, and have contributed to two educational textbooks published by Lifebound Communications in Denver, CO. I also manage an international student-exchange organization here in the state.

Last summer, I got excited about blogging again, and even hauled my laptop to the community pool to compose several entries about face time with kids, and about the role of professional therapy in families. Then, life threw an emotional curve ball: my mother had a huge stroke, spent nearly three weeks in the hospital, and we lost her. I am just coming out of my slump, determined to post my way through anything else climactic that happens in my life! Watch this Wednesday, 4/6, for my first post of the year about the potential effect of information overload on our kids.

And, if you’re wondering about this cute logo (coming soon!), Remarriage Magazine gave my blog a Top Ten Bloggers award in January, 2010! I’ll be getting the logo onto the blog with the next post!

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1 Comment on Life Doesn’t Happen in a Straight Line

  1. Carly says:

    My sympathies to you for such a rough year! Life is like that sometimes… I like you was thrown a curve ball in that my mother who all though hid it very well… now has full blown Alzheimers and had to be placed in a dementia care unit. Her wanderings, mysterious injuries, quick phone conversations all led to adult protective services helping me get her sittuated to my state where she is now 10 min away. This really threw us all for a loop. Now we are dealing with her long goodbye. Its hard to put it mildly. So kudos to you for taking time out and focusing on your family!

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