Last week I made a case about how I think face time with my kids trumps Facebook. Recently, we’d had the pleasure of having each of my older kids (my stepchildren) move back in with us, one at a time. Last week I told the story of my stepdaughter, her fiancé, and their dogs squeezing into the storage area of our basement. This week I’ll tell you about my 23-yr.-old stepson’s stay.

My stepson has a keen interest in politics and loves to talk about what’s going on the world, country, and city. Let’s just say I don’t run at the mouth regarding these topics. This makes a typical, quick conversation between us go a little bit flat.

When he lived here last year, we had more opportunities to chat about everyday things. For example, a ready subject was the canine miracle of nature who lives with us (a very sweet and very needy dog). Or, we could comment on various aspects of education when my then-10-year-old daughter would bring home school assignments and projects.

My stepson moved out about a year ago. We really believe it’s better for everyone if young adults are independent. But I do miss the low-key discussions in the kitchen. I miss him offering a hand by grating the cheese and chatting while I was making the rest of the tacarito casserole.

As quickly as we were able to re-connect when he lived here, now we hardly connect at all. We see each other at planned family events or when he drops in (which is still better than Facebook). But everyone else also attends those family events. His rigorous work schedule overlaid upon my life and schedule doesn’t leave a lot of room for one-on-one get togethers. And, guess what I haven’t told you…he isn’t even on Facebook! So in conclusion, I would have to admit that while face time trumps Facebook, Facebook trumps no time!

What place does Facebook have in your overall relationship with your kids or stepkids?

Mama J (Diane Fromme) is a Northern-Colorado-based freelance writer who enjoys discussing family relationships and dynamics.

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