The combination of keeping up with my freelance writing contracts and having kids on a summer schedule has wrought a little havoc with my blog posting routine! However, from the number of comments (none!) I received on my school-home connection questions, it appears that many of you are on “summer time” as well.

I am writing  a magazine article on the school-home connection for stepfamilies, and have gathered some important perspectives from the educators.

The short scoop? Stepfamily members should go out of their way to communicate the family situation to the schools. The schools want to know what is going on with your child’s/stepchild’s home life, but there is no way a teacher can hunt down this information for every single child.

Once this article is submitted, I’ll be able to share more details, and ultimately a link to the text.

In the meantime, I encourage you to look again at the June 30 post…I would love to hear your answers to the questions there.

Mama J is a writer, parent, and stepparent in Northern Colorado. To learn more about her book, Stepparenting the Grieving Child, go to

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